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How to Negotiate A Salary

For many of us, juggling around the monthly budget is about trimming expenses and finding cost-saving measures. It's a good practice and a good way to manage money. But there's another thing to consider: incoming money - especially money that we earn for a living. In fact, some financial...

DATE POSTED February 04, 2016

How to Prepare for an IT Job Interview

At IMS, we strive to ensure that our candidates are as prepared and ready as possible when they meet with companies for job interviews. In the IT industry, there are several specific ways to best prepare for a job interview. This article will recommend the best ways for you to prepare and prep for...

DATE POSTED January 16, 2016

How To Research The Employer Before The Interview

Before any and all interviews, it's always recommended to perform some research about the potential employer. Researching the employer in advance can help you tailor your answers to the needs of the company, and it can show the company that you're highly interested in the position. There are...

DATE POSTED January 11, 2016

How to Build a Better Business with the Help of a Staffing Firm

There are 3 key elements that contribute to your business' success: great staff, a great product or service, and a great business model. It's common knowledge that having a great team of staff is an integral component for a successful business. But, not everyone uses the resources available to...

DATE POSTED November 17, 2015

Looking for a Job? Let a Staffing Agency Help!

There can be many reasons for why you're searching for a new job. Perhaps you're looking for a better position, a better salary, a different company culture, or experience in a new venture. Although there are several reasons why you may be looking for a new job, you have one option available to...

DATE POSTED October 17, 2015

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