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Opportunities for an Experienced Architect

If you are either a local or foreign accredited and experienced architect who is looking to find the next best opportunity to develop, you have come to the right place! The job prospects for an architect in Canada is strongly positive due to numerous retirees and high growth in construction and architectural services industry are expected within the next few years. According to a recent government census, 79 percent of architects in Canada work professionally in a wide range of external firms while 7 percent of architects are self-employed. Experienced architects are paid well in major cities such as Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto; they are paid even more exceptionally in growing regions such as Alberta and Saskatchewan. Surprisingly, significant and crucial information is in some cases not readily available for experienced architects who are looking for a new career opportunity. We at IMS Group have decided to create this article to help you navigate the process with this information and find the best opportunities available.

Firstly, in order to practice as an architect in Canada, you must acquire accreditation from The Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB). In certain regions, such as Ontario, you will need to attain another accreditation issued by the local organization within your area of practice. After gaining the proper accreditations and licenses, you could look into the different areas of focus that are available to practicing architects: residential, public or urban spaces, industrial, landscape, and environmental. After deciding your area of interests, it is best to contact a professional recruiter where you will receive tremendous help in revising and strengthening your job application to attract the ideal potential employers. Recruiters also have extensive knowledge about your field of interests and in-depth experiences in working with experienced architecture.

Additional to the boost that recruiters will give to your application, recruiters could also help a job seeker to find better opportunities that would otherwise be left undiscovered. For example, the pay for an experienced architect widely varies from $55,000 to $80,000 depending on several factors such as region and company size. Without a professional recruiter, you might be unaware of the different field of focus available in Canada; this could potentially lead to missed opportunity that will prevent you from getting a better pay or a job that is more aligned to your interests. Overall, your recruiter will not only help you to amplify your job application but will also guide you to make a better and more informed career decisions during your job search.

As Canada's leading recruitment company in Construction and Engineering with 17 years of experience, IMS Group believes in serving you with nothing short of our best efforts. We are fully committed to working with both recruiters and job seekers to find the ideal position that will allow you to explore and develop your full potential. With our experiences in a wide range of industries, we excel in understanding the obstacles and challenges that an experienced architect might face. To find your dream company or job today, please call our specialists at (416) 515-2939 or visit our website at; we look forward to working hand-in-hand with you to find your ideal position!


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