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Difficulties of Finding a Job as a Certified Project Manager

Through a rigorous certification program, certified project managers attain distinctive skill sets that complement their working experiences. Certified project managers gain solid management knowledge from their training, enabling them to outmaneuver their fellow uncertified peers. As attested by...

DATE POSTED June 21, 2016

Optimizing Your Resume for an IT Job Interview

The IT Industry is a growing field in Canada, for good reason. Each day, the IT industry is helping to make Canada a more innovative and productive place to live and work. Canada is home to over 31,500 Information Technology firms, and the ICT sector in Canada (Information Communications Technology)...

DATE POSTED May 15, 2016

How a Recruitment Company Can Save Your Company Money and Time

HR departments are tasked with critical responsibilities that greatly affect your employees. From insurance coverage, to employee benefits, to managing issues, to managing payroll, the amount of responsibilities that can fall on an HR department is endless. When it comes to finding new employees,...

DATE POSTED May 13, 2016

What Does the Future Hold With a Degree in Life Sciences?

With so many different types of programs available, it’s important to choose a Life Sciences discipline that will best prepare for a desired career. In fact, it would be wise to do some serious career planning at the high school stage of education. After all, a future career in microbiology or...

DATE POSTED April 19, 2016

Career Development Tips

You may be starting a new career, or simply looking to find the next step in your career. These “stepping-stone” times are important stages in your life, where you navigate difficult decisions, weigh different strategies, and explore new options for yourself. Developing your career is a...

DATE POSTED March 24, 2016

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