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How To Research The Employer Before The Interview

Before any and all interviews, it's always recommended to perform some research about the potential employer. Researching the employer in advance can help you tailor your answers to the needs of the company, and it can show the company that you're highly interested in the position. There are several ways you can research the employer before the interview. This article will explore the most effective and convenient ways to do so.

One of the best way to research a potential employer is to ask your recruiter. Your recruiter has access to plenty of information about the company, and is knowledgeable about the industry and unique features about the company. Every business is different, and your recruiter can help you understand key characteristics about the company, and general information such as the company size, positions they're hiring for an so on. Your recruiter can also help you position your skillset in a way that will be most attractive to the potential employer.

Another great way to research the employer before your interview is with the internet. You'd be surprised how much information you can find with a simple search! Find out about where they company is located (and if it's a good fit for you), if the company has other offices in the country or globally, and if there's anything specific that interests you. You may be pleased to come across feedback from other employees, or impressive offerings like volunteer programs for employees at the company. The more research you complete, the better equipped you'll be at your interview. It's actually common for interviewers to ask potential candidates if they're aware of any projects or work the company has completed.

If you know anyone that works at the employer's office, feel free to take them out for a coffee in advance of your interview. By opening a channel of communication with someone at the company, you can get a true feeling for how they operate. There is a fine line between what's appropriate to ask and what is not. At the beginning of your meeting, outline the kind of topics and questions your contact feels comfortable discussing. Come prepared to your meeting with a list of questions and discussion items to ensure you're maximizing the time you have with this contact.

A job interview is your shot at your next great opportunity. By preparing well, you'll have the confidence and knowledge to impress your interviewer. When you put in effort at the outset, the rewards can be significant. For more information on how to prepare for an interview, or to speak with one of our recruitment specialists, feel free to give us a call at (416) 515-2939. At IMS, we have expert recruiters that are able to match you with potential employers that are the best fits for your skillset and career goals. We always strive to bring the best candidates to potential employers, and to help our recruits accomplish their career goals. We wish you good luck on your job search - but as you know, there's more than luck involved in landing your next career opportunity.


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