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Hiring Trends in the IT Industry

Anyone who is involved or employed in the information technology sector should be aware and attentive to industry trends. Indeed, for candidates, employers, and hiring managers, it’s crucial to be tuned in – the IT sector moves very fast, and changes are every present. According to recent industry statistics, potential candidates are in quite high demand, as industry unemployment is quite low – it often makes for an IT “talent crisis”. For recruiting companies like Innovative Management Solutions Group, the future prospects for candidates are quite positive.

While there are high demands for IT skills in a variety of market segments, many recruiters and agencies report a robust need for positions in technology security – mainly because of the mobile device revolution, and of course, cloud computing. Indeed, with so many corporate security breaches in the news of late, the demand for security skills abounds. However, sophisticated software skills, web development know-how, and “open source” knowledge are also on the radar. Understanding these trends is very important for employers who must stay ahead of the curve.

Today, IT industry gurus recommend a “forward-looking” approach to workforce planning. This makes abundant sense, primarily because of the super-charged pace of change. Additionally, the experts suggest a collaborative approach to workforce planning, one that is inclusive of executive management, IT work-teams, and professional recruiting agencies. This approach will yield the best outcomes for accommodating the hiring demands of the near and long term. Here, the team at Innovative Management Solutions Group is well placed to satisfy candidate/employer needs.

Social Media Specialists

With such rapidly advancing mobile device technologies, employers must be sensitive to the nuances of the world of “social media”. It means that both employers and candidates must be keenly aware of the skills, knowledge, and education that are already being required.

Technology Purchasing

Today, there’s an abundance of software and app-ware on the market. As such, there’s a growing need for “technology brokers” to assess and advise company departments about purchasing new technology. These specialists will ensure the best possible, most viable IT purchases.

Information Technology

Most organizations, large and small, require expertise in utilizing the momentous amount of data and information available to them. Here, candidates with specific expertise in market research and analytics will be most valuable. Those with “big data” skills will be even more in demand.

Cloud Tech Specialist

Cloud technology continues to grow exponentially, and without limit. This is where Cloud Tech Specialists (with various IT skill sets) can assist a company or organization to better implement existing information technology systems with the newer cloud-based technology systems.

Beyond the industries that are in greatest demand of IT skills, there are also geographic regions of the country that are “hot”. This is exactly where expert recruiters like Innovative Management Solutions can make a difference. With high-level industry connections, and links to senior hiring managers, IMS is at the leading edge of recruiting and hiring. Most importantly, the IMS team can respond with expediency to the needs of a candidate and employer equally.


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