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Are you prepared for that important job interview

At IMS Group, we are constantly growing our already exceptional network of connections with the top A-list companies across several industries throughout Toronto. These invaluable relationships are what separates Innovative Management Solutions Group from other recruitment firms. It's through these contacts that we are able to get promising candidates connected to interviews and job positions that would otherwise be unattainable.

We do our part to get you in the door of the top companies in your industry; then it's up to you to present yourself in the best light, which is accomplished through various ways.

Dress appropriately

It is a given that you should make yourself look presentable, and dress to make the right impression for the type of position that you are applying for.

Display enthusiasm

Be sure to greet your interviewer with a smile and a confident handshake. Make eye contact when meeting and throughout the entire interview process.

Be prepared

One part of this includes creating a high quality resume that includes relevant job experience and accomplishments that are important for the interviewer to know about you. Format your resume in a way that will make it easy to glance through and promote the best qualifications that make you the perfect candidate for the job.

Another part is to be mentally prepared for the communication and interaction with the interviewer. When the rubber hits the road, the most important thing is to be as prepared as possible for the actual interview process. This can be accomplished by researching commonly asked interview questions before the interview, and practicing your responses.

Throughout the interview, the interviewer will ask many routine questions that are used in almost every interview to break the ice and get things started. Questions such as, "Tell me a bit about yourself", and "why are you interested in a position with our company?" Being ready for those questions will enable you to answer in a calm, natural and concise manner.

Then the conversation will move on to questions that the interviewer will use to assess if you are a right fit for the job, such as questions that are designed to get you to talk about your strengths, weaknesses, achievements, experiences in previous positions, how you deal with pressure or handle stress, or how you have dealt with challenges or conflicts in the workplace.

Then there are times when you are asked more unexpected, tricky, and even challenging questions that can leave you perplexed while trying to think of the best way to answer. Questions like, "If you can choose to be any animal, which one would you want to be and why?", or "How many footballs do you think would fit into a limousine?"

As the interview wraps up, you will be asked if you have any questions. There is always something that you can ask about the job description or team that you will be working with. Be sure to have a couple of questions ready, as this shows interest and that you have put thought into it.

Don't get taken by surprise! Put aside some time to get prepared for your interview. Research questions, think of how you would answer them, and set yourself up to be viewed in the best light possible.


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