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Difficulties of Finding a Job as a Certified Project Manager

Through a rigorous certification program, certified project managers attain distinctive skill sets that complement their working experiences. Certified project managers gain solid management knowledge from their training, enabling them to outmaneuver their fellow uncertified peers. As attested by the Director of IBM Global Business Services' Project Management Competency, Steve DelGrosso, clients understand the importance of strong project management discipline in delivering successful projects and believe that certified project managers possess such skills. If you are a certified project manager, you are well-demanded and compensated in the job market. Nonetheless, many well qualified managers find it challenging to find a new and better position in the current job market. Through this article, we aim to provide a better understanding of the difficulties that a certified project manager might face when seeking a job.

The most apparent obstacle for a certified project manager when trying to find a job is the level of competition in the Canadian job market. As expected, there are many extremely qualified and experienced job seekers with similar goals. When facing unknown competition and the possibilities of getting multiple rejections, many job seekers are either discouraged or decide to settle less than they deserve. Finding the ideal position as a certified project manager is no easy task and the best way to stay ahead from your competitors is to consult with your recruiter. Your recruiter has extensive knowledge about the industries of your interests, wide and relevant professional networks, and up-to-date information about latest job openings. Using his or her expertise, your recruiter will be able to help you tailor your application in the most attractive way to your potential employer.

The job application process is also daunting to many. From writing multiple cover letters to online submissions, the lack of human interaction can leave a very impersonal and isolating experience. Thus, another huge advantage of working with a recruiter is that you will have constant access to personalized application process and professional help to boost your application. Your recruiter will be able to propose useful tips and revisions to strengthen your application; it is even possible to get you connected to the right individual for a certain company. View your recruiter as a channel of communication to someone at the companies of your interests. They will be able to give you many insights on crucial factors ─ such as compensation, cultures, benefits, and job descriptions ─ that will help you make the best decisions to meet your needs and desires during your job searching process.

As Canada's leading recruitment company with 17 years of experiences, we believe that everyone deserves to find their dream job. We are committed to working with both recruiters and job seekers to find the ideal position that will allow candidates to explore and develop their full potential. We specialize in recruiting for many professional fields including: Information Technology, Finance & Accounting, Life Sciences, Production, Industrial, Construction, and Engineering. With our experience in a wide range of industries, we excel in understanding the obstacles and challenges that job seekers might face. To find your dream company today, call our specialists at (416) 515-2939 or visit our website at; we look forward to working hand-in-hand with you to find your ideal position!


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