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The informational interview: a crucial job search skill

Tracy thinks she might like to own a boutique. Ricco doesn't know whether to be a computer software or hardware engineer. Hang doesn't know whether she should work for a large company or a start-up. To obtain additional information about occupations and industries, they conducted...

DATE POSTED April 08, 2021

9 Essential Tips for Closing the Deal in Negotiations

Negotiating is an essential skill for salespeople as well as most other professionals. People engage in negotiation more often than they might think, but it’s a skill few seem to invest in.  This can be a huge issue because after putting time, energy and valuable resources into...

DATE POSTED April 08, 2021

Standing Out From Other Applicants in an Interview

Interviews aren’t just a feat of getting to the end of it without doing or saying anything wrong – they are an opportunity to showcase yourself and present yourself as the ideal candidate for the role. While there are lots of things to avoid, don’t get too bogged down in this and...

DATE POSTED April 08, 2021

How IMS Can Help You Find and Fill Consulting Engineering Jobs in Toronto

Hiring the wrong candidate is a costly mistake. Some estimates are as high as $15,000 for entry to mid-level candidates, with that number reaching as high as $20,000 for senior level executive hires.1 The reasons attributed to a poor hiring process are usually a poor job description, ignoring how...

DATE POSTED April 05, 2021

How a Recruitment Company Can Save Your Company Money and Time

HR departments are tasked with critical responsibilities that greatly affect your employees. From insurance coverage, to employee benefits, to managing issues, to managing payroll, the amount of responsibilities that can fall on an HR department is endless. When it comes to finding new employees,...

DATE POSTED March 11, 2021

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