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How IMS Can Help You Find and Fill Consulting Engineering Jobs in Toronto

Hiring the wrong candidate is a costly mistake. Some estimates are as high as $15,000 for entry to mid-level candidates, with that number reaching as high as $20,000 for senior level executive hires.1 The reasons attributed to a poor hiring process are usually a poor job description, ignoring how the new hire will fit into the role or office culture, failing to ensure the new hire has the skills required for the role, or not following up with the candidate's references before they're hired. These are all rudimentary steps that recruitment firms like IMS take when it comes to recruiting top candidates for engineering jobs in Toronto.

Engineering is an incredibly diverse profession with candidates of all shapes and sizes. Firms hiring for engineering jobs in Toronto have their own unique needs and desires when it comes to hiring, and it can be difficult to choose the right candidate if you haven't covered all of the steps mentioned above and more. For example, let's say you're a petroleum engineering company looking to hire a mid-level manager to oversee a crucial part of the latest pipeline development. Beyond having adequate experience working in the field in supervisory role, are you sure of what questions or tests to apply to your ideal candidate? The proper requirements to fill engineering jobs in Toronto may be different than the requirements in Waterloo, Calgary, or other engineering hubs in Canada. Candidates applying to engineering jobs in Toronto may have previously worked primarily outdoors, but in Toronto much of their work may be inside. Do they like baseball, music, or gourmet coffee? These types of questions may seem odd, but cultural fit is one of the many traits that IMS will assess when scouting candidates for engineering jobs in Toronto.

In order to fill engineering jobs in Toronto, IMS will analyze a candidate's past experiences and future potential. Most engineering jobs in Toronto will be with firms that offer more career trajectory than smaller firms outside a larger city, so chances are most candidates will be looking for an improvement to their current situation. The number one reason candidates leave their job is typically because of management, but the number two reason is typically a lack of challenge or career potential. 2 IMS will do a thorough analysis of a candidate's past skills and projects that they were involved with in order to determine if their skill set matches with the skills your firm outlines for the job. We'll examine what functional tasks will be required and produce a shortlist of candidates to help streamline the process.

To help your firm hire for engineering jobs in Toronto, IMS will not only ask your questions of your candidates, they will ask questions of your firm to look introspectively and determine what the personality and culture of your company is like in order to select the best candidate. For example, is your firm generally active together outside the office? Does your team enjoy sporting events or team lunches? A candidate's skills directly related to work are important, but so is how well they'll mesh with the culture of your company.

To fill your firm's available engineering jobs in Toronto, you want a thorough approach to the process where potential candidates are properly screened and asked the right questions to save your HR department time and money. IMS delivers top value to their clients by not only achieving this objective, but also by getting to know each firm they deal with. Engineering jobs in Toronto are competitive, and searching through candidates can be a lengthy and difficult process. Let IMS ask all of the right questions of both sides and deliver the best candidates directly to you to help you hire the best talent for your firm.


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