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Executive Search Firm in Toronto

At Innovative Management Solutions Group, we see ourselves as a traditional headhunting firm, basically a team of skilled recruiters providing client companies with workable staffing solutions.  By definition, we are an executive search firm in Toronto, but in practice this refers to a variety of headhunting methods and strategies.  At IMS, our results speak for themselves:  we engage in a search process that is comprehensive and effective; saving time and money; reducing training time; and making for a streamlined transition for everyone involved in the process.

For our client companies, those who are in need of qualified talent in specific industry sectors, we have viable solutions.  For our client candidates, those who are looking for new job opportunities, we have equally viable solutions.  Whatever the situation, IMS can provide the answers.  Our recruiters specialize in various industry segments:  financial and accounting; engineering and mining; information technology; manufacturing and construction.  We understand the industries that we service, the needs of our client companies, and how best to satisfy those needs.  And that applies to permanent, full time positions, as well as contract positions.

In recent years, the entire headhunting industry (staffing and recruiting) has experienced dramatic changes, and like all industries, "new media" has created a whole new landscape.  "New media", and particularly "social media", has influenced our industry perhaps more than the others.  Each of us has adopted "web hunting" as a tool to source vacations and airfares, bargains and sale items, and yes - jobs.  For the staff at IMS, we look at the "web hunting" approach as a "quick fix" - and although we think that new methods are apropos, we think that new doesn't always mean better.  Our people love new technologies, search tools, and methodologies, but in the end, its our experience and expertise that successfully closes a deal.

As an executive search firm in Toronto, IMS is not your routine headhunting firm.  We've been in business for years; having satisfied the staffing needs of hundreds of client companies and many more client candidates.  We take pride in our client-centered approach, where we promote personal attention and respect for everyone engaged in the search process.  We work in collaboration with our client companies, shaping their staffing needs for the long-term, and talking into consideration the changes needs of the company and the market.  We strongly believe that this approach delivers an enhanced efficiency to placements, and additional effectiveness when screening for candidates.

At IMS, we established a sound reputation locally and nationally.  Our fees reflect our solid commitment to the client companies we serve, and our fee structure is upfront and straight up.  We combine a number of factors when we structure of fees:  we evaluate how complex a search will be; we assess the caliber of the candidate that is required; and we assess the future potential for additional staffing assignments.  Probably the most important aspect of our client commitment is our unique placement guarantee - it means that fees are only paid when we provide the suitable candidate, and when that candidate actually starts the job.

Our bottom-line at IMS is to ensure success when we headhunt for our clients, while providing successful placement for candidate clients.  IMS recruiters are skilled and proficient search specialists - they have extensive knowledge in particular industries; they maintain an in-depth network of connections; and they possess the capacity to engage in a collaborative recruitment process.

For the people at Innovative Management Solutions Group, keeping a close eye on future trends is of utmost importance.  Luckily, Canada's national unemployment rate continues to hover at an acceptable 7%, but we also keep tabs on the regional trends, and on provincial developments.  We know where the hot spots are across the country, and we keep apprised of employment potential wherever it exists - especially for our regular candidate clients.  Clearly, it's important for us to keep ahead of the curve, and to crunch relevant industry statistics (like data from the Labor Force Survey).  Our search team regularly assesses specific industry trends in finance, life sciences, information technology and engineering - we therefore know how best to inform and advise our clients.

We also observe the ups and downs of specific professions and vocations, because when we know what's going on inside an industry sector, we know how best to respond and react on behalf of our clients.  The truth is, our business revolves around supply and demand just like any other.  By example, the job growth in science, technology, engineering and math (referred to as STEM), indicates to us that companies are planning to create more positions in the near future.  Keeping an eye on these types of developments makes it possible for us to provide valuable information to our candidate clients, as well as our company clients.

As a headhunting firm, we focus our efforts on orchestrating the best candidate/company match possible.  We want to help our client company to build a successful organization, and we want to make sure that our candidate clients prosper in their career, especially for the long term.  We are also quite conscious with regard to contract hiring trends vs. full time hiring, and the tendency in the last year for employers (45% of those surveyed) who will transition contract employees to full-time.  And that's not to mention what the media has coined as the "skills gap" - the demand for highly skilled candidates that exceeds existing supply.  Indeed, almost 40% of employers confirm that they have placements they cannot fill.  The best part of this equation is that many companies are now prepared to offer more competitive salary packages for those positions categorized as "hard-to-fill".

In simple terms, the headhunting team at Innovative Management Solutions Group combines experience, expertise and industry knowledge in a determined effort to match the needs of company clients and candidate clients.  And we see our mission as two-pronged:  to assist our employer clients in building their organization; and to support our candidate clients in creating career success for the future.


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