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Looking for a Job? Let a Staffing Agency Help!

There can be many reasons for why you're searching for a new job. Perhaps you're looking for a better position, a better salary, a different company culture, or experience in a new venture. Although there are several reasons why you may be looking for a new job, you have one option available to...

DATE POSTED October 17, 2015

Our unique approach to IT recruiting in Toronto

Innovative Management Solutions Group is traditionally a headhunting firm. Amongst our special strengths is IT recruiting in Toronto, and with our team of skilled recruiters, we provide the best possible fit for client companies and prospective candidates. At IMS, the results speak for themselves...

DATE POSTED July 24, 2015

Executive headhunting in Toronto

Executive headhunting has become an all-inclusive term for executive search, recruitment, and staffing. Although in this industry, candidates are primarily targeted for senior, executive or highly specialized positions. Innovative Management Solutions Group is a headhunting firm - a team of...

DATE POSTED June 10, 2015

Independent job searching VS using a Toronto recruitment agency

There are upsides and downsides to conducting a personal, independent job search. But the main argument for using a recruitment agency is based on the wide range of benefits that an agency can provide - benefits that are neither available nor accessible to the average candidate. With a recruitment...

DATE POSTED May 14, 2015

Increases and decreases of female executive positions in top companies

Analyzing and evaluating female executive positions can quickly turn into a mixed bag of number crunching, statistics, and data.  For example, according to the Fortune 500 "women's representation in leadership positions has not changed much in recent years". At the same time, the Financial...

DATE POSTED April 08, 2015

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