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Looking for a Job? Let a Staffing Agency Help!

There can be many reasons for why you're searching for a new job. Perhaps you're looking for a better position, a better salary, a different company culture, or experience in a new venture. Although there are several reasons why you may be looking for a new job, you have one option available to you that's certainly the best use of your time and energy: using a staffing agency to manage your job search.

The first reason why you should use a staffing agency to manage your job search is because of their selection process. If a staffing agency doesn't think you'd be a fit for current or future positions, they won't take you on as a candidate. If they do think you're a fit with current or potential opportunities, you'll get immediate access to positions that are a natural fit for your skillset. The staffing agency will ensure that the criteria you're looking for in your future employment is met by the company they're putting you in touch with, and vice versa.

The second reason why you should use a staffing agency to manage your job search is because of their access to job opportunities that aren't published publically. Oftentimes companies will opt to use a professional staffing agency rather than posting jobs online. There are many reasons why a company may seek to have their search completed privately. They may be hiring for a confidential project or account, or they may want to ensure that only applicants that have certain credentials are able apply for the position. In these cases, when you work with a staffing agency, you'll get access to these positions in addition to roles that have been advertised publicly.

The third reason why you should use a staffing agency to manage your job search is because of the time-savings they offer. There are millions of jobs available online. But which ones are right for you? What interviews do you have the best chances at? These are questions that may be difficult for you to answer. A staffing agency is able to answer those questions for you, and recommend certain positions that are the best matches for you. Staffing agencies can also provide you with interview tips and resume reviews. This is the most efficient way for seeking a new job, because you don't need to spend time reviewing opportunities, and the interviews you attend will result in a high likelihood of you getting hired.

IMS Group has 17 years of recruiting experience, and can help you land your next job that fulfills the criteria you're looking for. They strive to ensure that the candidates and companies they match are looking for compatible relationships. They also work to ensure that the candidates placed in new companies have potential for long term growth and job satisfaction. Give IMS Group a call at (416) 515-2939 to set up a meeting with an expert recruiter that can help you land your next employment opportunity.


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