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Our unique approach to IT recruiting in Toronto

Innovative Management Solutions Group is traditionally a headhunting firm. Amongst our special strengths is IT recruiting in Toronto, and with our team of skilled recruiters, we provide the best possible fit for client companies and prospective candidates. At IMS, the results speak for themselves - we save our client companies valuable time while we recruit - our process serves to reduce training time for candidates - and we employ a transitioning process that benefits the candidate and the client company alike.

Most importantly, the team at IMS guarantees both process and results. We know that the Internet has changed IT recruiting, and we understand that the concept of "web hunting" has become commonplace. But we also know that "web hunting" can often be a quick-fix with short-lived outcomes. At IMS, we believe in the new technologies and in state-of-the-art search - but we also rely on years of expertise and experience. We know the recruiting business, and for IT recruiting in Toronto, we know what works to ensure success.

At IMS, we have specialists in a wide range of industries, and while we recruit for all, the Information Technology (IT) sector is of special focus. In this industry, more than others, quick turnaround time is essential. We have almost two decades of IT experience, and understand the unique challenge of matching a client company with a potential candidate. IMS has built a comprehensive network of business connections in the IT industry, and we can respond quickly and efficiently to the specific needs of a client company.

The team at IMS always keeps up with the ever-changing developments in the technology industry. With our people, resources, and contacts, we can source and supply some of the best talent in Canada - and we'll do it for positions that are permanent, project based, or contract. We know what client companies need, and we know how best to meet those needs. Bottom line, we want to cultivate business relationships that foster respect for all those involved in the exceptional challenges of the recruiting process.

When it comes to IT recruiting in Toronto, Innovative Management Solutions Group is well regarded and well respected. Our approach with client companies is basic: we assess the complexities of a search assignment; we evaluate the specific requisites of a position; and we assess the potential for additional assignments from that client. Most importantly, candidate placement is fully guaranteed. We will only charge when our recruiters deliver the appropriate candidate, and when the candidate begins the work.

Building long-term business relationships, IMS works closely with client companies to formulate staffing needs, assess on-going industry trends, and ensure that the personnel mix is viable. We do it all in a collaborative environment with the aim of satisfying both client candidates and client companies - and our focus remains on trust and integrity. Beyond search techniques and networking, the team at IMS appreciates that candidates are making life-changing moves and companies are searching for that special colleague.


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