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Executive headhunting in Toronto

Executive headhunting has become an all-inclusive term for executive search, recruitment, and staffing. Although in this industry, candidates are primarily targeted for senior, executive or highly specialized positions. Innovative Management Solutions Group is a headhunting firm - a team of seasoned recruiters, providing the best fit between a client company and a prospective candidate. Amongst our strengths and talents is executive headhunting in Toronto.

At IMS, our headhunting approach is effective, for both client companies and candidates. Our results speak volumes - we save valuable time and money for our client companies - we greatly reduce candidate training time - and we provide a streamlined transitioning process that has benefits for the client company and the candidate. Above all, we guarantee our work and our results. And we do it with a team of recruiters who are skilled, qualified and experienced.

Headhunting has experienced major changes of late, and the Internet has radically altered the landscape. The concept of "web hunting" has become pervasive - for every product and service, including staffing, employment, headhunting and recruiting. At IMS, we consider "web hunting" to be more of a "quick fix" than anything else. We do believe in new technology and in high-tech search tools, but we also believe in specialization - in short, we know our business.

Client company, or client candidate, the IMS team can fill the need. Our recruiters specialize in a wide range of industries: accounting and finance; information technology and engineering; as well as construction and manufacturing. And because we understand each of these industry sectors, we can appreciate what our client companies require, and how best to accommodate those requirements. In the end, it's about satisfying our clients, for the short term and the long.

Innovative Management Solutions Group is established and respected. Our business approach combines a number of fundamentals: we evaluate the complexity of the search; we assess the requisites of the position; and we measure the prospect for future assignments. But of most importance is our candidate placement guarantee - we will only process recruitment fees when our team delivers the right candidate for the job, and when that candidate starts to work.

IMS has managed executive headhunting in Toronto for years, cultivating a work environment that fosters respect for everyone involved in the recruiting process. We work hand-in-hand with client companies, formulating their staffing needs, and assessing long-term trends for the industry in general and the company in particular. It's a process that produces efficient search results for a company, while providing prospective candidates that make for an ideal match.

IMS recruiters have a wide-ranging network of industry contacts, with a focus on crafting the best possible fit for both candidate and company. For our client companies, we want to ensure a sustainable personnel mix, and for our candidate clients, we want to make sure they reach their full potential in their chosen career. It's a collaborative process that has allowed us to build long lasting relationships with practically everyone we've done business with.


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