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How to choose an Executive Search Firm in Toronto

We truly live in the information age – in practically every industry sector, we are bombarded with offers to buy this, try that, and sign up for this or that.  It’s the same for executive search firms and job recruitment agencies, and with so many thousands of companies out there, each one is competing for your business.  If you are a candidate looking to make a career change, the important question would be how to choose an executive search firm in Toronto.

As a candidate, you may be currently employed (and looking) or actively looking.  There’s no doubt that you want to be working with an executive search firm that has your interests top-of-mind.  You don’t necessarily have to be number 1 on the roster, but you certainly have to feel like you matter.  As well, you need a firm that will take the necessary time to understand you – to get a sense of your interests, your strengths, your motivations, and your passions.

A well-regarded executive search firm will be associated with great companies, have good contacts and well-established relationships.  It’s vital they have experience in your particular industry, although its equally valuable if they are creative and innovative enough to explore new horizons and open new doors.  So here’s a “top-ten” list to consider when you decide to choose an executive search firm in Toronto – it’s a great checklist to follow.

1.  Link up with your colleagues (at work and otherwise) and ask for recommendations, based on their previous experience – don’t hesitate to ask for actual contacts.

2.  If you are already considering an executive search firm, do they actually specialize in your specific industry?  Do they have a good sense of the industry today?

3.  Check the company’s website and determine if you want that “corporate agency” approach, or if you prefer a more personal approach of a smaller firm.

4.  Check (or join) some of the social media sites that focus on business and careers, and see if the firm has any online presence.  Do you like the image they portray?

5.  Read the company’s corporate profile and any individual profiles of the principles. Do you like the way they present themselves and their clients? 

6.  Check on line (or on the company website) for any comments or remarks that have been posted by previous candidates?  What do you think?

7.  Talk to a recruiter, or take the time to meet face to face.  How do you find the chemistry?  What do you think about the client/recruiter approach?

8.  Figure out if the search firm has the capacity to do things for you that you just wouldn’t be able to do on your own.  That’s exactly what you want from them!

9.  Determine (or ask) if the recruiter will be revamping and refining your CV, and if they will be providing coaching for potential interviews and meetings.

10.  Finally, based on all of the above, do you think they can deliver results?  Do you have good rapport?  Do you feel positive and empowered in the relationship?


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