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Staffing Solutions

Let's face it - these days, everything has become specialized. And when it comes to the field of staffing solutions, there's no exception to that model. Health care staffing is a specialty; the manufacturing sector is the same; and so is information technology. The olden days of "all under one roof" are quickly diminishing, and it makes abundant sense. Whether a staffing firm is providing highly skilled professionals, or short-term administrative support, it all requires a particular level of specialization that more and more clients are demanding. In IT recruiting, for instance, a staffing firm must be fully in tune with the fast moving and fast changing tempo of the industry - and IT recruiters are compelled to respond speedily, and provide immediate solutions - it's the nature of the business. As such, the IT recruiter is a specialist - aware of industry trends; with an excellent network of contacts; and able to adapt very quickly to client requisites. It's the kind of specialization that clients are insisting upon, and recruiters just have to accommodate.

A good staffing firm delivers staffing solutions that are customized to the client's needs, and workable - in short, they must deliver the goods. A great firm operates as a human resources "partner" for the client, and works on their behalf. They understand the client's mind-set, their hottest priorities, and their unique pre-requisites - they work with the client, and not for the client. Good recruiters have the necessary education base, the industry-specific experience, and naturally, the recruiting know-how. The great recruiter has the added passion and drive to succeed. As it is, the industry is ultra competitive, and recruiters must keep up, or be left behind - they must be keenly aware of what's trending, and have a sharp focus on what's up for the future. At the higher end, for example, clients who insist on the best talent and the top performers, are pushing recruiters to be creative, innovative and even pioneering - they must deliver clear advantages over their competition.

In the area of executive search and placement, the model of specialization goes even further. There's sophistication in every aspect: in planning and process; in strategy and tactics; and in recognizing short and long-term objectives. Search techniques have also been improved and enhanced, and hi-tech "search and find" software has changed the industry for good. The evaluation, assessment and selection process has essentially become science - with the tools and technology to precisely match client requirements, while finding that proverbial optimal candidate. The world of social media has also had a dramatic effect on staffing solutions, where web portals like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook have transformed the landscape. It means that the exchange of information is now instantaneous; communication is completely interactive; and business life and social life are totally intermingled.

For the client who needs staffing solutions for their business, an outside expert is key. With an expert recruiter in place, the client can carry on with day-to-day business, and feel confident that only a candidate, who has been rigorously vetted, will be presented for consideration. Top-notch recruiters, using state-of-the-art Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) manage the "search and find" process from beginning to end, ensuring a super-efficient approach that delivers excellent dollar value for their client. But let's not forget - the human touch also delivers good mileage, where the client-recruiter-candidate experience becomes affirming, positive and meaningful for all parties. In an industry that relies heavily on relationship building, it's the fundamentals of communication that are integral; respectfully returning emails and phone calls; conducting professional meetings and interviews; and otherwise establishing an environment based on mutual respect.

Temporary staffing solutions are by themselves a specialty. A client may not have considered this option, without the strong recommendation of a recruiter, who can articulate the benefits of temporary staffing as a new solution to an old problem. Industry statistics show that some 75% of business related expenses are related to hiring, re-hiring, employee benefits and worker absence. As an alternative, flexible staffing and temporary employees can significantly reduce overhead, and often optimize a client's human resources investment. It's an ideal option during peak business periods, when extra staff is required, and during low business periods, when the cost savings are relevant. A solid recruitment agency will advise on these kinds of alternatives, and how they impact on a client's specific needs.

Whatever staffing requirements are needed, it's widely agreed that outside expertise allows for better ROI than chewing up valuable management time internally. Just the pre-screening process for three candidates can eat up an entire day, not to mention phone interviews, face-to-face meetings, and actual interviews. A solid recruiter will cover all these bases, providing quality candidates that fit the bill, and ensuring a decision-making process that is simplified, efficient and straightforward. Indeed, a good recruitment firm can deliver additional value beyond the sourcing and selection of talent. They may offer skills upgrading for the candidate; they might provide client billing and payroll services; or they might include workflow management software to streamline an operation. Its all designed to deliver value for service from those with the expertise.

There's really no secret of success when recruiters provide staffing solutions, regardless if it's IT recruiting, engineering recruiting, healthcare or administration. It's really about the basics: having experienced, creative, talented recruiters; making use of leading edge technology and tools; establishing a process environment that is flexible and responsive; creating cost-effective, results-oriented solutions; and engendering a "best practices" business approach that guarantees long lasting relationships for both clients and talent. Above all, satisfaction must be assured, for both client and talent.

As for the recruiter, it also boils down to the basics - the experience and expertise as it pertains to a particular industry; the proficiency and competency in finding the ideal candidate; the technical know-how to navigate through proprietary software; and the ultimate component - a quality network of reliable, established contacts connections across the industry, and across the nation.


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