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How a Recruitment Company Can Save Your Company Money and Time

HR departments are tasked with critical responsibilities that greatly affect your employees. From insurance coverage, to employee benefits, to managing issues, to managing payroll, the amount of responsibilities that can fall on an HR department is endless. When it comes to finding new employees, you might as well double your HR department’s size in some cases! At IMS Group, we provide our clients with the value of outsourcing their recruitment each and every day. We work with companies with large HR departments, and companies that don’t have an HR department at all. Ultimately, our clients understand that it saves them time and money to outsource their recruitment. And here’s why.

Recruiting employees is a time consuming task. For one open position, here 10 of the important types of tasks that need to be performed for just one hire!

  1. Review job details with various stakeholders
  2. Write job details
  3. Post job opening on various channels
  4. Review CVs
  5. Contact potential candidates
  6. Schedule interviews
  7. Conduct Interviews
  8. Evaluate candidates
  9. Contact candidates with job offers
  10. Manage correspondence with internal stakeholders

As you can see, finding talent is no easy task, and can be a time burden on your existing staff at the office. When you work with a recruitment company, your staff do not need to spend any time on the above 10 tasks. They’re provided an expert team of recruiters that will manage the process each step of the way. That way, you can free up your staff to focus on the items that are most critical to their position – and leave the recruiting to a recruitment company.

            When it comes to your business, time is money. It’s important to maximize the amount of time your employees spend doing what you need them to do, or else you will ultimately lose efficiencies and money. For example, you don’t want your senior staff spending their time on tasks that would be easy for more junior staff to complete. Similarly, you don’t want your staff spending endless hours on a task that’s easy for a recruitment company to complete. Ultimately, by saving your employees time to do what they do best, and providing the best potential candidates possible for your open positions, you will be saving your company money when you outsource your job search needs to a recruitment company.

            IMS Group has established itself has a leading recruitment company in Canada. Our relationships with employers and employees have spanned many years, and we take pride in the results we’ve provided to companies looking to hire, and people looking for new opportunities. We recruit for many different industries, including Information Technology (IT), Construction and Engineering, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and more. We ensure our clients are completely satisfied with their search – and even provide a satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. We only stop our work when our clients are satisfied with the results. To get in touch with a recruitment expert, give us a call at (416) 616-2939, or visit our website at


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