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Toronto Staffing Agency

The staffing needs for every company or firm are unique.  They have specific qualifications in mind for the position for the ideal candidate they are seeking.  Examples of these qualifications are flexibility, reliability, collaboration skills, and the willingness to work extra hours when necessary.  Most employers have a definite idea of the ideal qualified applicant, but may find it difficult to sort through the many candidates applying for the job.  In addition to having unique needs in educational requirements and skill sets, they also differ in their methods of recruitment.  Some firms hire within their companies, others advertise on the web, and some still place ads in newspapers.  However, many find the best way is to go through a staffing agency.

In today's market there may be many applicants applying for the position advertised.  Using a Toronto staffing agency is an excellent way to make efficient use of time and energy when seeking a new hire for your company.  Acting as a bridge between the employer and employee, they screen the potential candidates to ensure their work ethic, needs, qualifications, and skill sets match the needs of the job they are seeking.

For an excellent staffing agency look no further than IMS (Innovative Management Solutions).  We are a highly reputable and well established Toronto staffing agency, specializing in industries; information technology, finance, accounting, engineering, mining and construction.  Our expertise in these fields makes us more fully aware of the needs of our clients.  This saves valuable time when choosing highly qualified candidates for the final interviews.

At IMS we take pride in the way we treat everyone, with respect and sensitivity, giving our utmost attention to the needs of both clients and candidates.  We follow our candidates on their career paths, tracking their growth and progress.  We work collaboratively with clients, helping shape work needs based, in large part, on both changes occurring in the company and in the surrounding market place.

An essential part of an excellent staffing agency is the recruiters they employ.   At IMS we have outstanding recruiters, who are extremely qualified, proficient, flexible and skilled at what they both do.  They have extensive knowledge of the industries in which IMS specializes.  They also have a wide network of contacts which deliver the staffing results demanded by their clients.  Their overall mission is to build a viable organization and to meet the needs of both employees and employers.

As a reputable Toronto staffing agency, IMS's fee structure reflects our commitment to each candidate.  The fee is matched to the complexity of the search, the uniqueness of each client, and the potential for future assignments.  The IMS (Innovative Management Solutions) guarantee means you are only invoiced once a candidate is selected and begins working for you.

Our exemplary experience, expertise, and success at IMS, a well respected Toronto staffing agency, speaks for itself.  By carefully ascertaining the needs of clients and candidates, our excellent recruiters make most appropriate and suitable matches.  We get the job done!


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