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Staffing Agency in Toronto

A good search for a staffing agency in Toronto will likely come up with good search results.  And good search results will likely include the Innovative Management Solutions Group (IMS).  It may be that you need to hire some qualified talent.  Or, alternatively, you may be looking for an exciting new opportunity for yourself.  Whatever the case, we specialize in many industries:  everything from information technology - to finance and accounting - to engineering, mining and construction.  And because we specialize in those sectors, we understand exactly what clients need and how to satisfy those needs (including full time and contract positions).

Like every business in every industry, "new media" seems to have created a whole new landscape, and the recruitment industry has not been immune.  The tendency for what we call "web hunting" is ever-present - although at IMS we still consider this approach as a "quick fix".  And while it's true that new tools, and new techniques, and new methods are always welcome, new is not always better.  So we remain a headhunting firm - talented recruiters who provide our clients with staffing solutions that are effective and effectual - where training time is reduced, where the transition process is smooth, and where time and money are saved at the end of the day.

As an established staffing agency in Toronto, and with our sound, proven reputation, we have a fee structure that reflects our commitment to each client.  It's a combination of several factors: the complexity of the search itself; the unique nature of the candidate; and for us, the potential for future search assignments.  We also know that every client is different, with varying priorities and sensitivities - but in the end, all of our placements are backed by the IMS guarantee.  It means that we only charge fees when we delivering that suitable candidate and when that candidate starts to work.

By now, it's clear that we're not your average staffing agency in Toronto.  We take pride in the way we treat our clients and candidates - and its always with respect, attentiveness and sensitivity.  At IMS, we're known for following our candidates through their career paths, tracking their growth and progress for the long term.  We also work collaboratively with our clients in an effort to shape staffing needs, based on how the company changes and how the marketplace evolves.  This is an approach and methodology that enhances our expertise in conducting searches efficiently, and screening candidates effectively.  Our bottom line strategy is quite straightforward: to assure optimum success for our clients and our candidates.

The recruiters at IMS are skilled and proficient in everything they do.  They have the industry knowledge and the extensive network of contacts to deliver the staffing results that clients demand.  As a matter of course, we employ a collaborative style to our recruiting process, and are always focused on delivering the best possible matches.  Our overall mission is to help the employer to build a viable organization, and to assure that candidates prosper and succeed in their career.

If you're in the process of searching for a staffing agency in Toronto, the Innovative Management Solutions Group is worth considering.  We operate in an environment of trust and confidentiality, and we live according to the highest ethical standards - and everyone wins.


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