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Optimizing Your Resume for an IT Job Interview

The IT Industry is a growing field in Canada, for good reason. Each day, the IT industry is helping to make Canada a more innovative and productive place to live and work. Canada is home to over 31,500 Information Technology firms, and the ICT sector in Canada (Information Communications Technology) represents 5% of Canada’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). That’s a very significant number! When it comes to employment, it’s understandable for there to be much interest in the IT industry. Typically, IT salaries are 47% more than the national Canadian average.

If you’re thinking of entering the IT industry, or if you’re looking for your next job in IT, there is one critical step that you should not be missed: optimizing your resume for an IT job interview. Here are 3 tips you can use when writing or revamping your resume.

Our first tip is to be direct in your resume objective. Your resume should begin with an objective, and follow with information that relates to that objective. This will not only catch the attention of the person hiring for the position, it will help you identify yourself as a top match for the position.

Our second tip is to clearly communicate your qualifications for the position you’re seeking. Do some research about the position and think about the qualifications that are most related to the position. Ensure you communicate if you have those qualifications clearly. Typically, an IT position will require technical knowledge, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. If you know that experience in managing information, setting up intranets, or navigating complex network systems are key qualifications for the job, make sure you’re clear in your communication that you have this experience.

Our third tip is to seek the help of a professional recruiting company to review your resume and provide recommendations accordingly. Recruiting companies like IMS Group specialize in matching up the right candidates with the right job. We know that companies are looking for, and if you’re the right fit, we can help you tailor your resume to what they’re looking for. Getting this type of “behind the scenes” access to information is extremely valuable in any job search. Rather than taking a guess on your own, speak to a professional about how your resume has communicated your skills, qualifications, experience, and unique traits that make you the best match for a position. Best of all, working with our recruitment experts is absolutely free of charge!

IMS Group is Canada’s leading source for both companies seeking to hire new employees, and candidates seeking their next position in their careers. We specialize in working with IT companies and candidates, and know what it takes to get you hired where you want to be. For more information on how to optimize your resume for an IT job interview, or to setup a meeting with one of our recruitment specialists, give us a call at (416) 515-2939 or visit our website at


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