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What Does the Future Hold With a Degree in Life Sciences?

With so many different types of programs available, it’s important to choose a Life Sciences discipline that will best prepare for a desired career. In fact, it would be wise to do some serious career planning at the high school stage of education. After all, a future career in microbiology or anthropology is going to be quite different than a future career in organic chemistry or veterinary medicine. Clearly, making career decisions prior to fully completing education has advantages.

For those in the process of earning a Life Sciences degree, it’s important to do ongoing research with respect to landing that dream job. Needless to say, a Bachelor Degree will satisfy some of the career options, while a Masters or Doctoral degree may be necessary for others. The essential in any scenario is to recognize personal aims and aspirations; understand the existing job market; and plan ahead. And while creating the future is often uncertain, planning is a good first step.

Entry Level Life Science Career Options

For those with a Bachelor degree, and little on-the-job experience, there are numerous options – everything from Animal Scientists, to Research Botanists, to Zoologists. These jobs might be in a government agency, a public organization, or in the private sector. And there is usually room for advancement, particularly when experience and responsibilities begin to develop, and especially when additional education is acquired.

Advanced Life Science Career Options

Advanced careers in the Life Sciences, for those with a Masters or Doctoral degree, might include Agricultural Agronomists, Disease Epidemiologists, or Immunologists. Depending on the level of education, work experience, and certification, these positions will offer more substantial salaries. Here again, the potential for advancement will be based on years of service, developed expertise, as well as real life research experience.

Industries Hiring Life Science Graduates

Around the world, opportunities abound for Life Science graduates. Multinational pharmaceutical corporations are always on the lookout for trained immunologists, senior scientists, and even data analysts. And it’s the same with environmental consulting firms, who continuously hire biologists, ecologists and botanists. In any industry sector, there are entry-level positions as well as advanced and specialized positions.

The Life Sciences team at Innovative Management Solutions Group

At IMS, the Life Sciences team helps companies to source top talent and developing a talent pool of professionals. IMS recruiters have senior industry experience, with contacts and connections in pharmaceutical, research, and healthcare industries. Career opportunities are available across North America, in positions that range from entry-level to senior-level.

While satisfying the staffing needs of client companies, IMS recruitment specialists fill a range of full time and contract positions in the Life Sciences. Client companies and candidates are treated with personal respect, and with a high level of professional attention. By design, IMS recruiters work collaboratively with clients and candidates with a focus on success.

Specializing in the Life Sciences Sector, Innovative Management Solutions Group has the industry knowledge and networking contacts to attain the best possible match for clients and candidates.


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