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Executive Recruitment Tips for Job Seekers in Toronto

Toronto offers numerous lucrative job opportunities for Canadian and professionals from various parts of the world. The attractive salary perquisites, good working environment, and unlimited opportunities for growth are some of the major attributes that make this city ideal for hundreds if not thousands of people looking for jobs.

Here are some executive recruitment tips that job seekers should put into consideration when applying for various advertised job openings.

Carry Out Thorough Background Research on the Company

Interviewing panels usually ask candidates direct and indirect questions that are coined to help know if you understand the kind of services or products that the company offers. Hence, devote a few hours to research about the company to answer the questions correctly. Otherwise, you will be disqualified if you show little or no understanding about the company. Nowadays, most of companies have websites that you can visit as you do the research.

Have an Executive CV

We live in a world where image is everything. When looking for your dream job in Toronto, it is recommendable to create a professional executive CV that details all essential academic qualifications, experience and other additional skills that make you the best candidate. Research studies show that most potential employers spend less than three minutes going through CVs that they receive. Hence, it is imperative to keep your resume short and precise. This means that you should only include the most essential details. The details should resonate with the kind of skills that the hiring company is looking for to increase your chances of being hired.

Be Punctual When Invited for an Interview

If you are lucky, the company will invite you for an interview to gauge your abilities and suitability to that position. It is recommendable to confirm that you will attend the interview by either email or telephone. This will show them that you are committed and eager to join them if they find you suitable for the job. The worst mistake that you should never make is to arrive at the venue late. You should be onsite at least twenty minutes before.

More importantly, dress well for the occasion. A suit is the deal formal clothing that you can count on to paint a positive image to the panel. That does not mean that you should always wear a suit when going to interview.

Answer Questions Confidently

Hiring managers are more interested in having a fruitful conversation with you rather than asking questions. Hence, it is highly recommendable to answer all the questions confidently to keep the conversation going. For instance, you can give ideas that the company can use to grow and achieve its goals, share your work philosophies and personal objectives. Maintain eye contact as you answer the questions to show that you are confident. Otherwise, blushing, fidgeting, and staring at the panel or objects on the table will just lower your overall score.

Panel Wants to Enjoy the Process

Most people perceive interview as a painful and stressful process. It does not have to be so always. Unknown to most people is that executive recruitment panels want to enjoy the process. They appreciate the enthusiasm and energy that you bring to the conversation. Bottom line; strive to know the panel by asking some questions as the interview progress. Be vigilant not to ask questions that are irrelevant, they should be in line with company and position that you want to fill.

Final Thoughts

Be open-minded as you look for a job to increase your chances of finding one. To save time, consider contacting one of the accredited Toronto executive recruitment agencies for full list of companies currently looking for new employees.


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