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Engineering Recruitment in Toronto

When it comes to recruitment, and especially in those industries that employ engineering and IT personnel, a seasoned expert in recruiting and staffing can save the time and money that makes the process viable and profitable. Engineering recruitment in Toronto, for instance, is a good example of a cost-benefit equation, where the service package delivers an attractive ROI. Engineering recruiters source and find the top performers – those with the right skills, the appropriate profile, and the necessary experience. They live in the industry, 24/7, and know who to look for, and where to find them. They also know how to define and determine the right fit, with a proven approach that considers technical requirements, working environment, and company culture.

Of course, client executives want to fill positions fast – but this is a time where quality trumps quantity. For the recruiter engaged in engineering recruitment in Toronto, a win-win situation must be established for both client and candidate, as both have genuine requirements and demands. For the client company (the one who’s paying the bill), the benefits from a solid recruitment firm are wide-ranging: a good understanding of the industry and its inherent challenges; active exposure to talent networks; access to pre-qualified and pre-screened candidates; and continuous support during the search-find-hire process. A recent Globe and Mail report revealed that 7 of 10 executives had problems finding staff with the right talents – it’s a trend that bodes well for those recruitment specialists who source candidates that are suitable, ideal, even perfect. At the same time, these supply and demand dynamics are creating a very competitive environment, where the engineering recruiter must perform.

Whether the placement need is for contract, direct-hire or permanent, engineering recruitment in Toronto must be positioned to operate globally, with corporate clients, consulting firms, and government agencies all engaged worldwide. And with client requisites becoming more and more demanding, today’s recruiter must be sharper than ever in the quest to identify and attract the most capable candidates. Of equal importance is for the engineering recruiter to function as an extension of the client’s human resources effort, relying on relevant input and well-defined criteria to deliver the results. Moreover, a top-notch recruiting firm will expedite the search-find-hire process entirely from beginning to end, offering excellent dollar value for the client, regardless of whether the payment structure is based on a retainer, or a contingency arrangement (no payment until successful placement).

The process for engineering recruitment in Toronto, or for that matter any recruitment effort, tends to be exhaustive. It’s a methodology that includes in-depth candidate screening; direct and personal liaison with an eventual short-list of prospects; and the actual interview process – all of which take place prior to any client contact. Beyond that, the recruiter undertakes to expedite background checks, business and personal references, and likely assist both the candidate and the client with some aspect of final negotiations. This is an industry built on relationships - and for the recruiting specialist this applies to both client relations and candidate relations, where its absolutely critical to establish trusted, long-term links. As it is, the best search-find-hire process comes from a client company and an engineering recruiter who make a serious commitment to work with each other, as if they were working on a joint project.

Needless to say, there are an abundance of recruitment agencies. But not all have the sound reputation that sets them apart from the competition, and not all possess the experience and expertise to provide the extent of service that clients require, and the specialization that the task demands. In today’s marketplace, management executives who are attracted by the possibility of engineering recruitment in Toronto are simultaneously deciding on a professional approach, using outside experts with outside resources. For the astute client, a recruitment professional can offer valuable benefits: allowing the executive to deal with daily business; alleviating the stresses of the staffing process; and freeing up time that would be otherwise used for screening and interviews. All the while, the recruiter delivers the desired results, making perfect business sense.

But there are many more reasons to contract a professional engineering recruiter. They already have a well-developed network of potential talent, specific to the industry, and can explore areas where the average client cannot: candidates who are currently employed, individuals who are officially off the market, and especially competitor companies. As well, recruiters have come a long way with state-of-the-art software and search tools, and with the advent of today’s “social” web portals, everything has changed. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, for instance, have transformed the information exchange landscape, where everything is now instant and interactive, allowing for a huge international “talent network” to emerge. When it comes to engineering recruitment in Toronto, the new tools and new technology are an integral part of the process – searching, sourcing and finding have become as sophisticated as selecting, assessing and deciding.

As for candidates, career profiling has become commonplace, to the point where industry watchers are referring to an individual’s “social foot-print”. With a myriad of on-line resumes, career websites and all kinds of social media at play, it’s very easy to research and document what we might call a super-profile – a comprehensive overview of a potential candidate’s technical skills; work experience and expertise; personal strengths and competencies; and a full career history. And in today’s highly competitive market, there is a disproportionate disparity between the very high demand for engineering talent, and the associated low supply of same – it means that a candidate’s “social foot-print” is not only a necessity - it’s an essential pre-requisite. It also means that engineering recruitment in Toronto is at a crossroads, and that recruitment specialists must be at the top of their game – not only searching, sourcing and finding, but also perfectly matching client needs and candidate skills, while somehow ensuring an acceptable employee retention rate.


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