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Employment Staffing in Toronto

When we speak about employment staffing in Toronto, we’re referring to an all-inclusive term that includes various headhunting modalities.  At Innovative Management Solutions Group, we like to think of ourselves as a conventional headhunting firm – quite simply, we’re a group of talented recruiters who provide clients with viable employment staffing solutions.  Our process is effective, and our results speak for themselves:  we save time and money for our clients; we reduce training time significantly; and we ensure a transition process that is truly streamlined.

Our whole industry (staffing, employment and recruiting) has undergone tremendous change in the last decade, and like every other aspect of our lives, the “new media” has transformed everything.  There’s a whole new landscape out there, and the headhunting industry has been touched and influenced perhaps more than any other.  The truth is, we are all into “web hunting”:  for vacations and airfares; for coupons and bargains; for study and research; and yes – for jobs.  But for the team at IMS, we consider the “web hunting” approach, more or less, a “quick fix”.  We’re progressive – we believe that new methods are welcome, but at the same time, we believe that new is not always better.  We love the new technology, the new search tools, and even new methodologies, but at the end of the day, we know employment staffing in Toronto because it’s our business.

If you are a client company, you may be in need of some qualified talent.  Alternatively, as a client candidate, you may be looking for a brand new opportunity, perhaps even in a new field of endeavor.  Whatever the case, IMS can accommodate the need.  We specialize in a great many industry sectors:  information technology; finance and accounting; engineering and mining; and manufacturing and construction.  In our capacity as headhunters, we understand what our client companies need, and how to best satisfy those needs, whether it be a full time position or a contract situation.

IMS is a well-established employment staffing firm in Toronto.  We enjoy a sound, reputable standing in the industry, and have established a fee structure that echoes our commitment to each and every client company.  Our formula is straightforward, and combines a number of key factors:  we assess the complexity of the specific search; we evaluate the background and nature of the candidate required; and we gauge the potential for future staffing assignments.  Most importantly, all of our candidate placements are backed by the IMS guarantee – it means that we only process fees when we deliver a suitable candidate, and when that candidate begins working.

Clearly, IMS is not your average headhunting firm.  We have been involved in employment staffing in Toronto for many years, and have satisfied hundreds of client companies and client candidates.  We take great pride in our approach to clients and candidates – it’s an attitude that promotes respect and consideration for everyone involved.  We work in tandem with our client companies, shaping long-term staffing needs, and considering the evolution of both the company and the marketplace.  We believe that this methodology enhances the efficiency of our searches and the effective screening of potential candidates.

For IMS, our bottom-line strategy is to assure optimum success when headhunting for our clients.  Our recruiters are competent and proficient in every aspect of their process.  Beyond having extensive industry knowledge, each staff member maintains an extensive network of contacts, which serves to deliver the results that each client demands.  As such, we engage in a collaborative recruiting process that focuses on creating the best possible candidate/company match.  In the end, our mission is to help the client company build a sustainable organization, while we assure that each of our candidate clients reach success in their particular career.

The team at Innovative Management Solutions Group is always keeping an eye on the future, especially when it comes to employment staffing in Toronto.  With a national unemployment rate that continues to be steady at about 7%, we keep tabs on regional trends, as well as provincial developments.  We know where Canada’s hot spots are, and we know where the employment potential exists, particularly for our candidate clients.  For IMS, it’s important to keep ahead of the curve, and with relevant industry statistics (like data from the Labor Force Survey) our people can assess industry trends in finance, life sciences, information technology and engineering.  When we know what is trending, we know how best to inform, advise and counsel our clients from a position of knowledge.

IMS also observes the ups and downs of particular occupation sectors.  Again, when we know what’s happening on the ground, we know how to properly respond and react.  In essence, our business revolves around the dynamics of supply and demand – a good example being the growth of occupations in the sciences; technology; engineering; and math (referred to as STEM).  It’s these occupations that are contributing to economic growth with the expectation that companies plan to create additional jobs in the near term.  And it’s these kinds of trends that we translate into actionable information for candidate clients and company clients.

Another critical aspect of employment staffing is the fine line between contract hiring and full time hiring, and the tendency of employers (some 45% according to industry numbers) who will eventually transition some of their contract employees into full-time.  As well, the team at IMS is particularly sensitive to what the media calls the “skills gap”, where demand for highly skilled and specialized candidates exceeds the supply.  With almost 4 out of 10 employers maintaining that they have positions they can’t fill, it’s up to the professional headhunters like IMS to close that gap.  The best news is that companies are prepared to offer very competitive salaries for those “hard-to-fill” positions.

Everyone at Innovative Management Solutions Group is committed to delivering the best possible match between company clients and candidate clients.  We see our mission as two-fold:  to assist our company clients in building their organization, and to enable our candidate clients to prosper in their career for the long term.


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