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How to choose a Job Recruitment Agency in Toronto

Needless to say, not all job recruitment agencies are created equal.  That's why it's important to do the proper research and ground work before making a final choice.  As a candidate who wants to expedite a career change, the bottom line for you is how to choose a job recruitment agency in Toronto.  With thousands of executive search firms and job recruitment agencies in the region, and with each of them vying for your attention, this is a serious task.

Whatever your particular situation, whether you're employed and looking for change, or just looking to enter the work arena, you will want to work with a job recruitment agency that has your better interests in mind.  You need to connect with a firm that will fully understand your needs and requisites, and will focus on the prime objective of placing you - after all, you and the recruitment agency should be on the same page.

When you are ready to choose a job recruitment agency, you certainly want a firm that is well established and well respected in the industry.  The firm should have working relationships with quality companies and corporations, and have industry contacts that will translate into interviews and job offers.  And although it's important to have experience in the industry you specialize, you may also want to investigate new opportunities in new settings.

It's important to take charge of your career "campaign".  Ask colleagues for their opinions and recommendations, and make sure to ask for contact referrals.  If you are intent on working in a particular industry, it's quite important that the recruiter specialize in that industry.  It's also vital to have a good understanding of the industry's future trends.  A good recruiter will ensure that your strengths and skills are aligned with the future needs of the industry.

A reputable job recruitment agency will have an articulate website that accurately presents its business profile and mission.  For you, the candidate, a good read of the website will help to determine if the firm's style and approach is one you are comfortable with.  And although you are not paying for their services, they will be working on your behalf, and representing your interests.  In short, you need to be happy with the relationship.

Today, social media is an essential piece of the puzzle, especially when it comes to business and careers.  If you have an agency in mind, how is their online presence?  Do you like their message?  Do you like the way they speak about themselves?  Are there any posts from some of their previous candidates?  All of these questions are worth answering before choosing a recruiter that will have direct impact on your career future.

Meeting a recruiter before a final decision is a must.  How is the chemistry between you?  Is the firm positioned to give personal treatment?  Are they creative, with new ideas?  Does the recruiter show potential for getting to people and places that aren't open to you?  Get all of the answers, do all of the homework, and choose a recruitment agency that will deliver the kind of results that completely satisfy your career aspirations.


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