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Office Manager

British Columbia
Job Order: GD-737

Job Descriptions:

  • Manage the daily operational and personnel responsibilities of the clinic while ensuring clinic business objectives are achieved.
  • Act as the direct supervisor for patient coordinator, and report to the regional manager
  • Oversight of local accounts receivables third party submissions and submitting appropriate financial reports to Majority Owner as per established timelines
  • Prepare scheduled reports for clinic operational and performance analysis
  • Compile, analyze all receivable reports and work directly with clinic staff to resolve balances
  • Monitor and update all industry/insurance payer change to benefit codes, allowances procedures and practices
  • Oversee and monitor operations to ensure optimum use of staff time and resource efficiency while promoting achievement operating goals
  • Manage operating procedures directly related to clinic management while ensuring adherence and compliance to regulations.
  • Ensure the office flow adheres to best practices, including schedule management patient management and revenue maximization
  • Ensure all reporting and communication requirements are accurate and timely
  • Assure money handling follows established procedures.
  • Maintain knowledge of product/equipment including minor trouble shooting working knowledge of vendors and contractor’s services
  • Oversee product inventory and restocking according to established procedures
  • Assist with coordination and implementation of physician marketing including the community base social network marketing plan
  • Coordinates with marketing staff opportunities for involvement with community events health fairs and promotions events
  • Oversee execution of internal and external marketing plan for clinic
  • Ensure that all communications to and from customers (by phone, correspondence or face-to-face) promotes customer satisfaction and revenue generation
  • Oversee monitor and respond to patient and customer satisfaction level
  • Assist with programs to enhance patient recruitment and retention
  • Billing including 3rd party billing and follow up monitor maintain and follow A/R; maintain billing forms; process 3rd party authorizations, and coordinate with outreach visits.
  • Actively utilize office administrative procedure and procedure manuals.
  • Assembly of hearing aid(s) packaging accessories, and paperwork for outreach visits
  • Maintain and prioritize client lists for outreach locations.
  • Enter and maintain client data into database program
  • Maintain inventories of supplies and actively participate in the monitoring of those supplies
  • Order office supplies and client use supplies aids.
  • Perform general clerical duties and carry out administrative activities as assigned
  • Keep physician referral list updated and research/engage consistent physician referrals
  • Receive and check incoming hearing aids repairs, ear molds and any accessories and schedule appointments accordingly


DATE POSTED 2020-01-30

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