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Angular Developer

Job Order: SE-7000

Job Descriptions

  • Responsible for designing and modifying base of our client software, as well as working with Product Development to develop software to meet client needs.
  • Lead the initiative to improve the architecture, code-base and performance of the existing angular platform, as well as add new functionality down the road.
  • Reviews completed software designs or prototypes with clients.
  • Tests software and ensures that completed work correctly meets requirements.
  • Works in conjunction with other developers on development projects and ensures that their work is compatible with, and does not duplicate the work of others.
  • Diagnoses and repairs software problems or bugs, and assists clients with technical problems and helps to resolve those problems.


Job Requirements

  • 3+ years experience with Angular 4+ framework  (angular 7.0 is preferred)
  • Experience architecting medium/large size Angular applications from scratch
  • Keeps up to date with the latest trends in angular and mobile development
  • Redux design pattern and angular-redux, rxjs libraries
  • Client-side testing using Protractor and Jasmine framework
  • Strong front-end/UI skills – HTML/CSS (preferred)
  • Mobile development (preferred)
  • Offline web applications & service worker knowledge (preferred)
  • Knowledge of progressive web apps (preferred)


DATE POSTED 2019-01-28

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