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Project Manager

Job Order: MG-1433

Job Description: 

  • Concept Stage:    
    • Advise and recommend in the selection of the project consultants.  Negotiate fee arrangements with consultants.
    •  Assist in developing the preliminary budget and schedules together with internal resources.
  • Pre Sales Stage:    
    • Direct consultants to design sales office.
    • Tender and award contracts to build same.
    • Review sales progress and revise product in project to suit market requirements.
    • Review and update budget regularly so that it reflects project revisions and changing market conditions.
    • Review blacklines and ensure structural, mechanical and electrical are coordinated
  • Working Drawing Stage:
    •  Direct consultants to produce a coordinated set of working drawings.
    • Ensure that practical, economical and Client's best practice methods of construction are incorporated into the drawings.
    •  Assist the team in "Value Engineering".
    • Prepare for permit submission
    • Prepare for all utility connections
  • Construction Phase:
    • Plan site mobilization needs for shoring, ramp(s), hoarding, cranes, hoist(s), power, and other services in consultation with Site Supervisor
    • Lead process in tender review and assist in contract negotiations and final trade selection in cooperation/consultation. 
    • Review budget with Super to gain a mutual appreciation of goals, objectives, and restraints.  Revise and update relevant items as required.
    • Provide leadership and direction to the project team of our staff, trades and consultants to ensure project proceeds on schedule and for a minimum cost.
    • Enforce terms of contracts with trades together with super as required.  Negotiate extra costs that arise with trades if not included in their contract.
    • Regularly monitor schedule with Super and purchasers' occupancy dates to ensure they coincide.  Have purchasers notified ASAP when advances or delays are known.  Develop occupancy schedules that are practical but that also protect the profits of the project.
    • Support Safety Manager and site staff efforts to maintain and enforce safety requirements.
  • Occupancy Phase and Project Close-Out:
    • Provide direction and leadership to entire team necessary for successful move-ins, i.e. Site Staff, Customer Care, Del and their Assistant Project Managers.
    • Take ownership that all these parties have the building "hotel ready" for the first inspections and move-ins.
    • Ensure that all team members are customer focused on our goals and that deficiencies are cleaned up expeditiously.
    • Help resolve any extra ordinary customer problems.
    • Coordinate and assist sales and marketing efforts to merchandise and sell our inventory suites expeditiously.
    • Ensure internal audit performed and completed before site staff and trades leave project.
    • Build a relationship of trust and confidence with new Condo Board before turning over affairs to Technical Audit Department for Technical Audit resolution.
DATE POSTED 2017-11-30

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