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Functional Architect - Oracle

Job Order: BP-6914

Job Title : Functional Architect - Oracle

Job Detail:

  • Participation in the evolution of deliverables, management of environments, tools and portals
  • Validation and revision of deliverables produced, in particular those produced by teams participating in development and development work
  • Participation in coordination sessions with SAGIR project implementation projects, including (SGR-2, SGR-3, SAGIR RQ, Oracle V12 PGI) and occasionally commenting on the deliverables produced by these project teams
  • Participation or updating of SAGIR deliverables of architecture (TA) and business needs definition (BR) and follow-up in subsequent AIM phases
  • Support to the DGSAGIR teams and the service provider involved in the development and development work
  • If necessary, participate in meetings planned in the development approach

Functional architecture:

  • Analyze the client's needs and advised on the functional solution to be implemented
  • Ensure the functional integration of the solutions put forward
  • Contributes to evolve the global and especially functional architecture of the SAGIRt system
  • Participates in policy studies, opportunity assessments, preliminary analyzes or any other studies
  • Designs and delivers deliverables of functional architecture
  • Ensure the application and evolution of the good architectural practices of the CSPQ and DGSAGIR
  • Designs, recommends and implements new practices in the areas of functional architecture and standards applicable to all DGSAGIR projects and teams
  • Ensures quality control of the work carried out by the design and implementation teams of DGSAGIR in terms of integration and functional architecture
  • Ensures control of deliverables produced in maintenance and evolution, especially those related to functional design;
  • Ensure that privacy, data security and control are always taken into account in developing solutions


Skills Requirement:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or Administration or equivalent
  • Demonstrate that the proposed resource has at least five (5) years experience in the field of information technology, including two (2) years as a functional architecture advisor
  • Demonstrate that the proposed resource has participated as a functional architect for at least two (2) years with the Oracle ERP, in mandates of 500 days / person or more each during the five ( 5) years preceding the date of submission of tenders.

Important: The person must master the reorganization within the Oracle ERP.

DATE POSTED 2017-03-01

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