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Programmer Analyst

Job Order: MG-6956

Job Description:

  • Be a member of the Project Development Team, with the SDM, S/A and any other internal or external resource assigned to a project.
  • Addressing all project needs by interpreting specifications and writing the necessary software code in a efficient manner
  • Develops detailed system program specifications if required on tasks assigned by the Director, IT
  • Designs testing specifications and processes for "end users" and takes an active role in the testing phase of projects with internal and external customers, project managers and other I.T. staff  
  • Work with external customers or suppliers when required, arranging tests and diagnosing errors.
  • Maintain a close two-way working relationship with the SDM and the S/A keeping communications open and current on status, issues, timelines, etc.
  • Provides support and ensures transfer of knowledge to Development Support Programmers on issues, developments, timelines, etc.
  • Program all modifications making sure that all technical needs have been addressed   
  • Track project time and report on status as required
  • Make recommendation on corrective actions and revised timelines if necessary
  • Help develop any necessary documentation for either technical resources or end user
  • Ensuring that Disaster Recovery objectives are achieved
  • Accept other related tasks from the Director, IT as required 
  • Make sure that all data elements have been completed with the project   
  • Test and implement computer programs and provide training to testers and Support Programmers 
  • Determine a project implementation detail plan with Director, IT and S/A and communicates with all necessary staff
  • Prepare specifications for other programmers to follow if required
  • Communicate issues in a timely manner to the S/A or SDM on problems that will impact project work and timelines 
  • Participate in trial runs of the systems 
  • Prepare or assist in the preparation of technical, instructional or operational documentation if required  
  • Implement any security required to roll out a project
  • Adhere to IT Guiding Principles   
  • Successful implementation of projects assigned within the designated timeframes
  • Functioning and operational adequacy of the implemented application
  • Ensure the programs and processes developed have successfully met the system requirements and specifications
  • Logging of time allocated to various tasks within assigned projects and support requests     


Job Requirements:

  • A bachelor's degree, usually in computer science, mathematics, commerce or business administration or completion of a college program in any related computer science or computer business application programmer is required
  • 7+ years of experience developing and implementing systems on large scale applications utilizing RPG (IV & LE) languages on AS/400 platforms
  • Experience developing solutions with distribution & warehouse management packages i.e. JBA/LogPro/DPR
  • EDI experience would be considered an asset 
  • Demonstrated well-developed programming skills with previous assignments
  • Experienced with AS/400 database tools such as; Hawkeye/DBU/Query/SQL etc.
  • Experienced with MS Office application package
  • Experienced with PC development tools (i.e. MS Access, Visual Studio, MySQL, Visual Basic)
  • Capable of working independently, relying on technical specifications as instruction  
  • Strong communications ability with management, sponsors, other developers and customer support staff
  • Ability to learn quickly and apply strong creative problem solving skills
  • Be analytical and creative while applying strict attention to detail in all matters pertaining to assigned tasks  
  • Self-motivated and proactive
  • Team player with effective interpersonal skills
DATE POSTED 2017-10-02

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